Acting Resume

Acting Resume

Wesley Burton
Hair: Brown   Eyes: Green/Hazel     Height: 6’1”     Weight: 200 lbs     Build: Athletic

Crazy Heart Roadie Scott Cooper, dir (Butcher’s Run Films)
Rescue Fireman Medic 13 Productions
50 to 1 Senator Ten Furlongs Production Co.
Force of Execution Stand-In, Security Guard Steamroller Productions
 Television/Web Series (partial list):
Blue Meth Buck (speaking) Shadow Dancer Media
Tales of the Coyote Salon Husband (speaking) Coyote Productions
Breaking Bad DEA Agent AMC TV
Longmire Fireman Warner Horizon Television
Scoundrels Club Paton, Paparazzi, attorney ABC Studios
Untitled Allan Loeb Project(The Rabbit Factory) Detective Lionsgate Television
 Commercial (partial list):
Sandia Area Federal Credit Union Fisherman (speaking) Complete Advertising & Marketing
Indian Motorcycles Motorcycle Rider Supply & Demand Integrated
Arts & Entertainment Casino Patron & Paparazzi A&E
Hard Rock Casino Casino Patron Ross Communications
Sandia Casino Casino Patron Rebecca Elise Productions
New Mexico Clean Energy Oil Rig Worker Filmyard Productions
New Mexico Tourism Motorcycle Rider Sterling Productions
Fresco Spine Center Business Associate Filmyard Productions
 Music Video:
Voice of December – “Seven” Father Medic 13 Productions
 Theater (partial list):
The Flattering Word Eugene Tesh (lead) Sandia Performing Arts Company – Lacey Bingham
There Goes the Old Ball Game Joey the Hackie (lead) Sandia Performing Arts Company – Dick Danforth
The War of the Worlds Radio Player (Carl Philips, Radio Announcer 2, Gunner) Sandia Performing Arts Company – Dick Danforth
The Fish Pirate’s Daughter William Uprightly (lead) First City Players – Keith Smith
You Can’t Take It With You Ed Carmichael First City Players – Claire Patton


Special Skills:

Improvisation, Voice Over, Stand-In, Nunchucks, Saxophone, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Motorcycle endorsement, Wheelchair-wheelies, Firearms, Rubik’s Cube, Swimming, Mountain biking, Sound Reinforcement.

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